For Producers & Manufacturers

Springs Wholesale can act as your agent for products within local markets and international markets.
We can also work as your distributor.

If you are a producer or manufacturer, these are the following steps that you can expect to take with us to launch your product into new markets.



You reach out to us and tell us about your product and where you expect it to flourish. Get started now.



We review your product with you and advise on market viability and sales expectations.



We reach an agreement to represent or distribute your product into new markets.


Product Representation

We go to work to get your product to the market, getting it into the right stores as timely as possible. We periodically communicate with you to let you know of our progress and sales results.


Recurring Income for you each month

Sit back and see the proceeds from the sales of your product stream into your bank account each month.


Rinse & repeat

Reach out to us again and repeat the process for any new products.


Looking to distribute your own products to the Australian hospitality or retail industries?

Our background is hospitality, logistics and customer service for over 20 years. We know what counts when it comes to what the customer wants.


Want to get your Australian product into China and other Asian markets?

Our extensive network of contacts means we can help get your brand out there in good time.